To Spend Summer 2016 in Playschool

Our little big boss, Zach, is 31 months old today and it is really evident that he is growing so fast. He also learns faster as to compare to his age. However, knowing that he has no one to play with here in our house but me or his daddy, it would be best, I guess, to enroll him in a play school this summer 2016.

Playschool on Summer 2016Image from

I have actually sported some good idea if it is appropriate already for a toddler to send in a playschool. I have talked to mothers, teachers as well as pediatricians for me to be able weigh the pros and cons. There are mothers who agreed on sending toddlers to playschool. But they suggested those school who offers only an hour or two to toddlers. This is because for them, it is not really advisable to force the kiddie minds of child to get mature. There are also other mommies who suggested a more than two hours of exposure to playmates and school stuff is enough to practice the kids in learning and classroom settings aside from solely playing inside the playschool. Many pediatricians advised me like the latter and others, the former.

My final verdict?

Well, I think I need to enroll Zach because I can see him needing playmates. Yes, I am here beside him, guiding and playing with him but it is not always good for him that I am just the one he mingles with and to me as well. Now that he is growing, he is learning things faster and needing someone of his age to talk, communicate and play with, having him in a playschool is the best idea that I need to consider.

The best playschool I can think of for his needs and of his ages is the one that only offers a two-hour session for him. My little man easily gets bored with stuff. What I mean is if he already knew one thing, he has this “I need to get over this because I already knew this” attitude. But he has a focus on some thing if you try to let him to but as I have mentioned, once he already knew and have a good grasp of something, he don’t want it to be taught to him over and over or repeatedly.

Lurking around here our area, I have not seen one playschool that is what I need. So I have to sport online and I found Bullfrogs & Butterflies Childcare. I just so wish there is one like this here in our area.

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Didang’s 9th Birthday is COMING!

Our beautiful little gorgeous Didang will be 9 years old this coming April 17. And being such, I can promise nothing but as gorgeous as she like 9th birthday cake, just like what I did for our Didong.

Didang's 9th Birthday

But being one, I will sure to bake the best suited cake for her day.

For you my dearest Didang, I, Zach and Tito Mark loves you so much. We will always support you on all your endevours. Always be good, not just to your Mama and Daddy but to everyone especially to Nana.

We love you Didang!

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Going Elsewhere?

Our precious one is growing so fast every minute of every day. And I can personally track how he develops by far – from discovering the tiniest he could to enjoying what he can see from all the things I do and tried to imitate one. The latest which made delighted, a smile on my face and talked to myself that he really is big now and is thinking accordingly to his age is that he rode on his toy box, although he has been riding on this for months now, but what’s something new is that while riding, he was also singing the song “The Wheels on the Bus” with actions.

Riding on a School Bus Toy Box

My bad I just forgot to tick the ‘video’ button of my phone to capture the video on how my little man sang and danced. But still my hearts overflown seeing how he cleverly grew.

I just so hope that this intellectual blessings from God will my little Zach use for the good, not just for himself, but to everyone who is needing his help. I so pray.

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