Your Quick Reference Guide To Optimal Health In 2016

Living in great health makes life fun and rewarding. Yet when your system is bogged down by diseases like obesity, cancer, or depression, completing even the simplest of tasks can seem difficult or impossible. As a result, individuals who find themselves perpetually sick or lethargic are less likely to realize their full potential and accomplish significant life goals. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, get on the road to great health and personal fulfillment by utilizing the wellness strategies outlined below:

Health Guide 2016

1. Utilize Dietary Supplements.

Diet plays a key factor in determining how healthy you’ll be. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans consume a diet that lacks the nutrition necessary to promote optimal functioning of the mind and body. And even when people make substantive changes to their diet, they may still experience nutritional gaps that preclude them from obtaining the level of health they desire. If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to look into dietary supplements. Companies like EHP Products, Inc. offer supplements such as the cetyl myristoleate complex to ensure that individuals attain their needed fatty acids. You can find a wide range of health retailers online that offer various dietary supplements.

2. Meditate.

If you’re serious about getting healthy in 2016, get serious about meditation. Individuals who practice regularly can experience a wide range of benefits, including:

-better breathing
-higher quality sleep
-enhanced function of the cardiovascular system
-decreased stress
-lowered blood pressure
-optimized concentration
-better memory

Oftentimes, people think that meditation is a complex practice and thus avoid it. Yet there are many different forms of meditation, and some of them are very simple. For example, you can practice a form of meditation which involves simply quieting your thoughts, controlling your inhalations and exhalations, and listening to the sound of your breath.

3. Develop (And Stick To) An Exercise Program.

Exercise is integral to healthy living, and this is why developing a workout program is important for those who want to obtain optimal wellness. If you lack experience in the exercise sector, you may want to join your local gym or hire a personal trainer to help you get started. Also remember that individuals who do forms of physical activity they love will typically stick to their program and get better results than those who don’t.


If you’re ready to make 2016 your healthiest year yet, this quick reference guide is for you. Utilize the wellness techniques outlined above to ensure that you get and remain on the path to elevated energy, immunity, and livelihood!


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Happy 59th Birthday Nana!

My Nana! It’s her 59th birthday today. I and mommy Gagay supposed to celebrate this big day of hers today in the province. But mom said we could not go there since the weather is not good. Though I am very disappointed since I am excited to see Nana and my aunts, uncles and cousins in the province, much more to hand what mom baked for Nana, but as mentioned, the weather is not cooperating with us, mommy just opted to have our own version of celebration here in our small house.

Happy 59th Birthday Nana!

As you can see from the image above, it is very obvious that mom cooked shrimp soup. It was really mouth-watering. In fact I finished 3 servings of rice. Nana’s cake is not in the picture above. I’m sure mom will just post and share to you the image of the cake soon.

Once again, happy happy birthday Nana. We hope to see you soon. I love you Na!

~ Zach

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Learning to cook Soto Betawi

Here in our new abode, there are a lot of business ideas to start to. One of such is to have a restaurant. Maybe, just the smaller one comparing to those that are located in the cities or in the malls. But if given enough finances to build one, I would rather have the authentic Asian cuisine to serve to every clients. This is for me to have the so-called “name” before other restaurants here in our place. This is basically the reason why also why I am dying to learn to cook Soto Betawi.

Soto BetawiImage from

Soto Betawi is a traditional meat soup where beef is the main meat in Indonesia. Other ingredients included in this really mouth-watering soup are coconut milk or the whitish cow milk.

I personally have tried one Soto Betawi here in the locality which was added with potato chopped in cubes and herbs like laurel and basil and some chili. It was somehow spicy but it all so good as the creaminess of the milk and the spiciness of the chili are seemed like fighting to produce that really delicious dish.

So now that I am applying what my Indonesian friends have shared to me, I might add some green peas, pineapple tidbits and bell peppers to enhance more the richness of the creaminess of this dish. But I don’t think I would add chili since my little Zach is too young still for the spicy dish. He don’t even like the smell of the chili, so I might as well prepare a separate Soto Betawi that has no chili on it for him to have a plate also of this one.

For now, I can’t share my recipes yet since I am not confident enough for the taste and the outcome of the one that I have tried. However, if you guys really wanted to try out Soto Betawi, you can check meat soup recipes beef where a really tempting recipe for Soto Betawi is here.

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