Furnish Your Home with Comfort

One of the hallmarks of finally reaching adulthood is furnishing and decorating your home with something other than beanbags and posters of rock bands. Naturally, you will want to do so in a way that reflects your personal style, while also being comfortable. Of course, you can find all manner of seating, bedroom, and dining room furniture at any furniture store in Edmonton, AB, but where do you go when you aren’t totally sure what you want?

If you don’t want your home to look like it was put together piecemeal, you might look into an Edmonton furniture store that offers design services. You’re probably thinking that any sort of interior design help will triple the cost of decorating, but you may be surprised to learn that there are furniture stores that not only offer this service, but provide it free of charge! The design professionals will even come to your home to get a feel for the space, layout, and even get an idea of your style. These experts will then recommend fabrics and colors for furniture and accessories to create a look that’s pleasing and made especially for you! You may even be able to schedule your appointment online.

Once you’ve got everything mapped out, you will likely want to get everything home as soon as possible, even if you only purchase one room at a time. If you’re concerned about the cost, many stores will offer in-house financing with attractive deals like 0% financing for three months or more. You can also find stores that discount entire room sets, which is great if you can find one that suits your fancy. If you go into the store and have cash on hand, you may even be able to wrangle a better deal with a floor salesman. If you prefer to do everything from the comfort of your own home, several stores will handle purchasing and financing online.

One thing you definitely want to be sure about is that your chosen Edmonton furniture store delivers directly to your home and that the delivery fee isn’t exorbitant, unless of course you have a big truck and a sturdy back. Have fun making your space your own, and your friends and family comfortable!

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Moving to New and More Comfortable House

Yesterday, we moved in here in our new and a more comfortable house. This is not our own yet, we are just renting this one. But at least, this one provides a more privacy to us than the previous place we stayed at.

Moving In

Anyway, the moving in we had was just fine. It only took us half a day to prepare and move and arranged things also. This is because we only had a not much stuff at home. We don’t have large furniture yet like a bed frame of foam mattresses. But instead a waterbed which we only place right directly on the floor and install it there. We have foam mattresses but those single-sized beds only. That thing, I guess, made our moving in a quicker one.

In terms of appliance and other electric equipments at home, we only have few like the fridge, airconditioner and a television set which are easy to carry. Thence, our moving in was just faster than what we expected though we were just three — I, M and a helper, who did all of those.

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How to train infant to drink water?

Obviously, I am a first time mom and I honestly do not know how to train my baby Zach on how to drink water in a cup. So what I did, I simply browse online any parenting or motherhood forum and looked for training drinking water for infants topic. And boom, in just a click, I have found and read a lot of stories which dig down to start using rubber sippy cup training bottle for infants. Of course, the materials should be BPA-free.

How to train infant to drink water?

The image above is a collage of some of the images I document during the first day of training or should I say, the first day Zach used his sippy training cup. I found him very cooperative and easy to teach so I guess, I haven’t had hard time letting him drink the water by himself alone.

Before the month ends, I will probably introduce him semi-solid foods which you guys should watch out for.

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