Little Drummer Boy

Our little man is just so creative as he could even think of making the empty plastic container of ice cream as his improvised drum. He was drumming it using his hands and when I noticed it, he stood up and started dancing then.

Little Drummer Boy

This is not the first time, actually, that he showed some good tricks with his toys. By far, he only have one musical instrument, a ukulele which was given as a gift by one of his godmothers. That ukulele also looked like a musicians friend telecaster electric guitar.

For now, I want to give him a toy drum set. I will just look for the cheaper one online because I don’t have much that budget. Hehe. Hopefully, I can find one.

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…that specs.

Our little is having fun and much enjoying his dad’s specs. I didn’t bought him one because I thought he wouldn’t like putting on any since he doesn’t also like to wear even a hat unless being lied to go elsewhere.

Family Travels

But you can see in the collage above comprised with 4 images, which were taken during our fly back here in our den, the proof to really say that he really loves the specs of his dad.

I am thinking now of having him even just one pair of specs. By the way, is my little Zach looking good with that specs on?

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Into The Inspection Business

If you enjoy working alone or working with a small group of people, then being a certified inspector might be a career option. You can take classes at a community college or online in order to get the proper certification that you need.

When you think about certified professional inspectors, you might think about people who go to businesses to make sure everything is operating properly. While this is a part of the job, some inspectors will also go to new homes to make sure all of the building codes are met or to a building to ensure that there are no dangers if it’s going to be torn down.

After the classes are taken to become an inspector, you will need to take an exam. The length of the classes will often depend on how much time you have to put forth in the work. Some colleges have short courses that only relate to inspectors. These usually only last for a few months. Once you pass the exam, you can receive the proper paperwork and license to be an inspector. After this is completed, you can begin applying with companies or go into business for yourself. There are organizations that you can join in order to find out how other inspectors work. These organizations also look better on your resume. You might have to take refresher courses so that you stay up to date on the new regulations and so that your certification remains current.

Hiring a professional contractor means that you will get someone who knows all of the regulations and codes pertaining to homes and businesses. There are standards or practice that inspectors are required to uphold. Most inspectors offer some kind of warranty if they perform any kind of work. All reports include the findings of the inspection so that you know what to repair if anything is needed.

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