Performing ‘Daddy task’

Sometimes, when the hubby is not around and circumstances pushes me to do the daddy tasks at home, I don’t have other choices but to accomplish exactly how it should be done.

Daddy Chores

Just one thing I tried to fix was the connection of our sound system to our television set. This is hubby’s expertise as he graduated something connected to this. But since he’s out of town, I need to do my best to make this stuff work because our little boss will gonna use the tv set for his nursery rhymes.

I am not sure what went wrong on this but when I called hubby and described to him what happened, he somehow figured this out and had a wild guess that maybe the switchcraft 3502 rca male plug was the problem and needed immediate replacement then.

And because I do not exactly know where to buy this one, hubby just said he’ll check one on the mall and send it then to us.

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Abrasion in the Forehead

As much as we mothers wanted not to hurt our kids, I don’t know if it’s the right word, it’s still inevitable that kids get tumbled everywhere which results to abrasions. This is exactly what happened to Zach.

Abrasion in the Forehead

What actually happened was I and Zach ran from inside our house to the terrace. He first grabbed the my mom’s gardening stuff, when I told him to put back what he grabbed, I didn’t notice that he ran to the other corner of the terrace and tried to grab other stuff there which resulted him to tumble down.

The image above was what he got – abrasions in his forehead. But that image was taken immediately after I washed his head and put on betadine.

I could really tell how quick he moves, much to double my alertness in attending him. Hopefully, no more scrapes after this.

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Blue-themed birthday

Four months from now, my little man, Zach, will be turning 2. It seemed like time flies real fast, I just can’t fully imagine like yesterday I was still prepping for his first birthday and now, I need to get my wallet ready for his second birthday soon.

On his first birthday, I didn’t opt to make it a cartoon-themed party. I just had it a generic one, a blue-themed party. Why? It was because I know for sure sooner or later that he can choose his own fave cartoon character and I don’t want to screw that up. So for this time, for his coming second birthday party, another blue-themed one will be prepared.

Blue Birthday

But this time around, although it will still be a blue-themed party for Zach, I want again anything to be in real blue from the floor mats, even the table cloth like here, wall decors and ceiling designs. Almost everything should be blue including the invitations.

Thinking of that big event to come, I am getting ecstatic again and again every time I imagine how that party would go through this time. I just hope and pray that everything will be a success, much more than last year.

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