Zach’s birthday soon!

My little big boss, Zach, will be turning 1 few days to go from now. And honestly, I can’t keep myself from being ecstatic on this big day of his, and for me also.

Would you believe though I am such this excited, up until now I still can’t put together my ideas of how to really prepare and celebrate for the said event. I don’t know if I need quality instruments to use from the kitchen wares to the sound and music and to everything. I am just this nervous and that all my ideas are mixing up then.

But as what many said, I need to make up my mind now since every tick of the clock counts and making me more sweaty as the day goes by — as it comes nearer to the big day.

Hopefully, everything will be a success soon.

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First Party Attended!

I brought with me my little big boss, Zach, in our party last August 1, 2014. Since for the group, we were required to where something red and since he was my escort that night, I also let him wear red — striped red polo shirt.

Look below how we look awesome, self-proclaimed!

The happiness that can’t be bought. :D

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Once you’ve got everything mapped out, you will likely want to get everything home as soon as possible, even if you only purchase one room at a time. If you’re concerned about the cost, many stores will offer in-house financing with attractive deals like 0% financing for three months or more. You can also find stores that discount entire room sets, which is great if you can find one that suits your fancy. If you go into the store and have cash on hand, you may even be able to wrangle a better deal with a floor salesman. If you prefer to do everything from the comfort of your own home, several stores will handle purchasing and financing online.

One thing you definitely want to be sure about is that your chosen Edmonton furniture store delivers directly to your home and that the delivery fee isn’t exorbitant, unless of course you have a big truck and a sturdy back. Have fun making your space your own, and your friends and family comfortable!

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