Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

Just very recently, I have read from a friend’s Facebook update sharing her story about how her son almost became a cyberbully victim. Yes, you heard that right. My friend is actually a mother of 4, 3 girls and a boy who happened to be her eldest. Being the eldest and only son, she just allow her son to use their family computer openly as to all the websites and even online games. This is what has happened, in one of the usual online game days of her son, one of her son’s playmate was talking to him over the headphone that was beyond the online games. The playmate was asking for their complete home address and if he was at home while playing. Aside from that, the playmate was also asking if he was with anybody at home. When my friend hear about what his son and his playmate was talking about while still busy playing, she made a noise and sounded like a man. Just then, his son’s playmate talked to anybody else informing another guy that the one he was talking to his companion – maybe his father, and so they cannot proceed with the initial plan.

Upon reading my friend’s story, I couldn’t contain my nerves but to immediately look for something to at least help her and other mothers out there on how to protect their kids especially those boys who used to play online games. I do have a son, although he is still 2, but I can feel how my friend feels as she, the worse thing, experienced it first-hand. Her son is only 7 years old and with his innocent mind, he was just thinking that what he and his playmate was talking about were all part of online games.

Moreover, speaking of protecting our little ones online, here is one application where every mothers can make use of to protect our family, the Parental Control Software.

Parental Control Software

Parental Control Software is a software used to control every parents on almost all of the online activities of their little ones. It even provides detailed information on how to track your kid’s text messages. Aside from that, for my friend’s situation wherein her son used to have an audio call with his playmates while playing online games, this software can even help control communications online as it helps you to get informed on whoever your little ones are talking to online. Not just chatting or text messaging or audio and video calling can this software controls at, this even manage games and other applications and even in the social networks.

I just so hope that to other mothers out there, you can make the best move to prevent your kids from being cyberbullied or being a victim of any online predators.

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To move to our new abode soon!

Nothing can heighten up more nor can level with the feelings of how elated am I right now knowing the happiest news I’ve just recently received. It is just so simple but somehow a fulfilling one for a wife and a mother like me — we are actually moving so soon to our own humble abode.

Moving House

But as of the writing of this blog, I cannot mark a certain date yet to as when will it be. We are actually still working all out for this.

And of course, I will make some announcements here as soon as we can finalize everything. For now, I just can’t contain my happiness Smiley regarding this one.

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Looking for Large Size Cloth Diapers

I had been using cloth diapers for more than two (2) years now. And honestly sharing to you all, I am only having a dozen of those here and still serving my little boss right. However, I only have one problem. All of these cloth diapers are already fitting small for Zach. When I let him wear one, it always create a painful itchy red thigh lines which is the very reason why he take his cloth diapers off. I can see him feel uncomfortable already wearing those cloth diapers.

Large Cloth Diapers

As you can see from the image above, every cloth diaper has a number of clips where one can make it fit to the baby’s size. However, in my little big boss’ case, I had been fitting his cloth diapers using the largest clips so to try if it still fits. But to my fail, as I have mentioned above, the diaper still forms thigh lines.

So now, I have no other idea to solve this one but look for large size cloth diapers. If you guys have any idea where I can shop specifically online for large size cloth diapers, please let me know so I can check and would probably grab some for my little man, Zach.

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