DIY: Kids Coin Bank

As early as now, I want my little man to practice saving. Three months ago, I first taught him to put inside my bag all the coins he found which he actually did. And since he’s reliant, I thought of buying him a coin bank. But for now, I opted to just recycle the empty 1-gallon capacity plastic container of an alcohol.

So here’s what I did.

I made sure that the container is empty and clean. I put plastic glue on the junction of the cover of the container so it won’t easily be opened. Of course, I also made sure those coins are secured and not be stolen. When the cover is securely glued, I used a heated tip of the knife to make a rectangular whole just enough for the size of a coin. After which, I removed the sticker glued on the body of the container and wrote there my little man’s property, instead.

DIY: Kids Coin Bank

And..tadaaaaaaaa… here’s Zach dropping coins in his coin bank.

DIY: Kids Coin Bank


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Mommy Gagay celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2015 #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

Aside from the endless love and care, breast milk is another priceless stuff a mother can provide to her child. Breast milk is undeniably incomparable to all other milk available elsewhere. It provides nourishment no other milk can suffice. Breast milk also is much readily available anytime and anywhere as long as the mother has all the overflowing patience in giving and providing the breast milk to her child. And the best part of it, which I loved also, is that every breastfeeding mothers do not have to wash, sterilize and prepare bottles to feed her baby; nothing she should do more but only to make sure that her breast – her nipples are clean and all then ready to position those to let her baby suckle and breastfeed.

So for this world breastfeeding week celebration, I want to share this image below which, I could say, how proud am I and my little man for me to breastfeed him for almost two years now.

Mommy Gagay celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2015

There were actually months that I needed to rescue my breastfeeding with formula milk. That was when I was still a junior medical intern – I went on duty for almost 30 hours and so my stored breast milk at home was not sufficient for him. But of course, during my duty, every time I got to steal an hour to pump out extra breast milk, I stored it and brought that precious gold liquid for him.

And now, for almost 6 months that I exclusively breast feed my little man, I not only saved bucks for the formula milk and maintenance of the feeding bottles, but for the vitamins and other food supplements also. Since I exclusively breast fed him, I did not give him multivitamins anymore, and thanked God, my little man has been very healthy and did not experience any common diseases nor illnesses like cough and colds. In fact, I just didn’t notice he’s been teething already and that he didn’t even show any signs nor symptoms of suffering from one. And most of all, what I thanked for from exclusively breastfeeding Zach is the priceless bond we both built tighter compared to those times that I still went to hospital for long hours of duty.

But soon enough, as he’ll be turning 2, just a month from now, I am planning to shift him to formula milk using a mug. I won’t let him use bottles anymore. But I am not certain with that yet. I just let time dictates what to and what not. One thing’s for sure now is I am the happiest as to breastfeeding my little man.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2015 every breastfeeding mothers!!!!

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Ready for a Remodel? 3 Tips You Must Use

Remodeling your home isn’t exactly something you’re probably looking forward to – at least not in theory. Nobody loves the idea of their home being turned upside down and workmen coming in and out all day long for months on end. Still, you’re probably looking forward to how your home will look and how much more functional it will be when you’re finally done.

The hassles are the real reason that it’s important to plan the right way. Use these tips to help you plan a remodel the right way so you’re happy with your home when it’s finally done, and so you can guarantee the process is as painless as possible.

1. Know Your Needs

Before you move forward on a home remodeling project you need to know what you need. Do you need an extra bedroom for a child or elderly relative? Do you need more kitchen space because you’re looking to sell and you know your kitchen is undersized for your area?

Sit down and make a list of what you need before you actually make any phone calls. If you don’t you could end up wasting a lot of time talking to contractors only to learn that you need to go back to the drawing board. Even worse, you could waste a lot of money on a remodeling project that really isn’t ideal for you, your home or the value of your property.

2. Determine Your Desires

While getting what your home needs during a remodel is essential, you’ll also want to make a list of desires. Do you want extra space for a home office or theater room? Do you want a library in your house?

Make a list and a designer and contractor can help you get what you need and what you want.

3. Get Referrals

When you’re getting ready to start a remodeling job you need to look for a contractor that you can trust. In order to do that, you need to talk to people you know who have had work done in the past few years.

Talk to friends, family and even your coworkers. As long as you like the work they had done in their home you should consider meeting with their general contractor. Get details about the work and the process, but set up your own meeting.

You’ll learn a lot about the process simply by meeting different contractors.

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