Zach’s First Birthday Celebration Venue

It took me a year to decide whether where and how should I celebrate the first birthday of my only son. Up until the first of September 2014, I still have had no idea how to celebrate his birthday but I already invited and been reminding our immediate friends and families for the said event but no definite time and place to utter yet. I was just able to finalize and set everything only around 5 days before his birthday.

 Birthday Venue Ideas

Good thing, even though, everything were like rush, I had bumped into a very ambient place to celebrate his birthday — a place enough for us to get wild with a swimming pool for us to get some dipping, a so nice audio set offered to us and a very accommodating officers and staff of the said resort.


Although his birthday was a day after a major typhoon hit the country, the celebration still pushed thru although many were not able to come due to the said typhoon, everything went smoothly enjoyable and really momentous.

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Zach’s First Birthday Invitation

My son, Zach’s first birthday bash will be so soon and I can’t help myself from being much more excited, surely, than the young kiddo. As of now, I got no other plans for him but a simple white-blue-themed birthday in a private resort with swimming pool. I can’t disclose much of the information as of this time because I still need to consider the changing weather in the country. If the typhoon still persists until his big day, I might just have the party in a restaurant either. So for now, I have you guys a sneak peak of his first birthday invitation and tarpaulin.

Baby Boy First Birthday Tarpaulin

The image above is for Zach’s tarpaulin. This simply shows his monthly development physically — how he became this cuddly cute little man now.

Baby Boy First Birthday Invitation Idea

This one is Zach’s birthday invitation. Honestly, I got my brain drained thinking of how to come up with the same idea on a different picture in the invitation. So the lazy mom just had the same stuff on the invitation like at the tarpaulin and just simply made some tricks on it and added few humble invites for the godparents and other guests.

But I was sure enough that I didn’t make the wrong ideas for his birthday. LOL.

Anyway, let us all see how this party would gone through then.

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Zach’s birthday soon!

My little big boss, Zach, will be turning 1 few days to go from now. And honestly, I can’t keep myself from being ecstatic on this big day of his, and for me also.

Would you believe though I am such this excited, up until now I still can’t put together my ideas of how to really prepare and celebrate for the said event. I don’t know if I need quality instruments to use from the kitchen wares to the sound and music and to everything. I am just this nervous and that all my ideas are mixing up then.

But as what many said, I need to make up my mind now since every tick of the clock counts and making me more sweaty as the day goes by — as it comes nearer to the big day.

Hopefully, everything will be a success soon.

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