Where to buy Cornhole Bags?

Cornhole is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor party games. The popularity of the game is driven by the fact that it is easy to learn and you don’t need a lot of equipment. The game is also referred to as bags and some say it is centuries old. It first made its resurgence in America in the Midwest about 100 years ago, increasing in popularity exponentially in recent years.

The Rules

The rules of cornhole are simple, two teams of two players line up across from each other next to boards that are usually about 30 feet apart. Each of these boards has a hole cut into it that the teams are trying to throw their respective bean bags into. You get 3 points for getting the bag into the hole and 1 point for landing a bag on the board. As teams go back and forth during a round, players may try to knock the other teams back off the board much like the strategy in shuffleboard or a similar game.

Anyone Can Play

It is a great family game because just about anyone can play it. All you need is the ability to throw a light bean bag 30 feet. Of course, some people may take it more seriously than others. There are even pro leagues for the most serious players around. Overall, it’s usually experienced as a fun game for family and friends.

Custom Cornhole Sets

As you get increasingly serious about cornhole, you may want to purchase your own set. If you buy your own, you don’t want some run-of-the-mill set that looks like what everyone else has. You want the personal touch that only a custom cornhole set can give you.

Now, you can rep your alma mater and defeat your friends who went to the rival school. It is almost pointless to discuss all the different options you have when designing your corn hole set because of the myriad of options. You can even get completely customized bags as well with different weights based on you and your friend’s skill level.

Check out a site like Custom Corn Toss if you are not sure where to buy cornhole bags. These sites have a wide variety of bags and sets to choose from. They will even work with you to design a set that fits your taste perfectly. This is a great way to spruce up your cookouts and tailgate parties in the future.

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Home Kitchen Maintenance

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in the house. As a result, it usually has to be cleaned several times a day to avoid becoming a total disaster area. Imagine cooking three meals and never washing one dish, wiping one countertop, or putting away any food. You’d have a big mess by the time the last meal had been cooked and eaten. Luckily, the kitchen can become a much more manageable space if you take a few easy steps on both a daily and weekly basis.

Wash and Go

This is self-explanatory. As you use a dish, wash it and put it away. It’s smart to wait until you’ve cooked a meal and wash all the dishes from the meal. However, the idea is to clean up after each meal. This creates a space where very little work needs to be done in order to cook the next meal. Wipe your countertops as well.

Clean Out Your Fridge Once a Week

Refrigerators can be really dirty. Plus, these appliances get a lot of action too. It’s easy to let old food accumulate, as well as spills and other mini food disasters. Pick a day once a week to clean out your fridge. Wipe the gasket on the door. Wipe the shelves, and throw out any old food. It’s also a good idea to make sure nothing is blocking the blower in the freezer or fridge. Sometimes seemingly small things may cause your fridge to stop working properly which means you’d have to call a company like north miami beach sub zero repair.

Put Away Pots, Pans, and Dishes that aren’t being Used

Clutter can add to the mess and chaos in a kitchen. You can avoid this by putting away any dishes that aren’t being used. You’d be amazed at how much space you can create when you clear away things that aren’t being used.

Maintaining a clean kitchen doesn’t take a lot. It requires practicing a few good habits on a daily and weekly basis. Clean up after each cooked meal. This will make preparing the next meal much easier. It will also help to keep your refrigerator cleared out once a week. This will avoid the need for a big clean up that comes from neglecting to clean your fridge for long periods of time.

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Making Christmas Less Stressful

You can breeze through the Christmas season with a calmness that makes everyone wonder what your secret to tranquility is by keeping holiday activities simple. It’s difficult, nearly impossible, to fully enjoy the fun, festivities and beauty of Christmas when you’re rushing around trying to get your decorations up, gifts purchased and trying to balance your social calendar with your time. The following tips can help you enjoy a less stressful Christmas season.

Decorating Your Home

Long before you flip the calendar to December, magazines, commercials and various other sources begin showing you the latest holiday decorating trends. Images of meticulously decorated houses are everywhere. If you set a goal for yourself of duplicating these amazing scenes in your home, you’re setting yourself up for a stressful Christmas season. It’s best to pick a few ideas and incorporate them into your home. Reducing your decorating time will free up more time for enjoying holiday activities with your family and friends.

Shopping for Christmas Gifts

Shopping for those on your Christmas gift list can consume a lot of your time. Finding a few favorite sites and limiting your store-front shopping can make your gift-shopping experience less stressful. Christmas themed gift baskets are an impressive gift. You can find gift baskets that match up with almost anyone on your gift list. You can save time and give an amazing gift when you select a basket filled with food items the whole family can enjoy. A pet lover’s basket would delight any pet owner on your gift list. Making gift buying as simple as possible is a great way to ease holiday stress.

Monitor Your Social Calendar

You know how many extra obligations or engagements you can add to your calendar in December without over-extending yourself. Once you’ve evaluated your time, stay firm in your commitment to stay within your comfort zone. You may have to politely decline some holiday parties or requests to volunteer during the holiday season. Prioritize your social engagements and leave plenty of time for relaxing at home with your family and pets and enjoying your beautifully, simplistically decorated home.

The Christmas season should not be a frantic frenzy of activity. It should be a peaceful time to gather with family and friends to create memories that will outlast the decorations and the gifts.

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