Child-friendly Music App for Android

My precious little man, Zach, just learns how to sing and dance. I did not personally taught him nor anybody. He simply learnt those stuff from watching videos using my smartphone and iPad from Youtube app.

Child-friendly Music App for Android

However, I found it not that really educational since there are videos that are not recommended for his age. I already downloaded some child-friendly apps for him but still he wanted music-related one. He found it more interesting than those usual children apps.

I just really so hope that I can find oneĀ Child-friendly Music App for Android or iOs like that of musicians friend app. It has musical insturments and music itself. Hopefully, I can find one.

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Zach learns to sing and dance

Many said I am a “tiger mom”, a strict disciplinarian to my little one. What I want for him will always be done and should be followed especially in terms of behavior, attitudes, eating and when time comes that his health is involve. However, I never forced him to do and discover himself of things that he sure to love. In fact, I observe him learning to sing and dance now. And not just the very usual movements of the body but, humbly sharing, with the tunes, of course. Since he doesn’t have a toy microphone here at home, he simply grab any microphone-like objects every time he wants to sing and dance.

Singing Kids

Sometimes while I am looking at him singing and dancing while following what he sees on Youtube, I am feeling guilt that I have not bought him a microphone yet. Even the real one, like the supercardioid, we really do not have one. So maybe, I can grab one toy microphone for him when I’ll get to visit the mall soon.

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