Family Sundate

After almost a year, this is, if I am not mistaken, the 4th Sunday that we – as a family, went out for a date. And it really feels so good.

Mommy Gagay Dinampo Family Sundate

We actually went out for lunch and dropped by at Chatime. As soon as the cup of coffee milk tea was handed to me, our little Zach grabbed the tip of the cup and have had it. Thence, I got no choice but to let him sip on it. He was actually the first one to sip on it. His dad was really amazed seeing our little boy sipping on the cup as he was not expecting that Zach knew how to do it himself. And since the sugar content of the coffee milk tea we had was only 50%, Zach’s first facial reaction was like a bittery-face. But still he kept on sipping on the coffee milk tea.

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How “The Pill” may affect future baby dreams

It feels like the queen of the world when a woman conceives and after months of pregnancy, a cute cuddly little ones came out and even melts his mother’s heart everytime he smiles. But getting pregnant a year after next is not good at all times. There are a lot of risks, or should I say, consequences to face at. So to delay pregnancy, a birth control regimens are available to start on but of course with the guidance of a health professional.

One of which is birth control pill or an oral contraceptive pill. It is a very popular contraceptive choice for many women. It is affordable, only taken once per day, and usually has minimal side effects for the women who take it. For many ladies, it is a great choice. However, once a woman decides to go off of the pill and try to start a family, she might be a bit concerned about how the pill could affect her fertility. According to, there are usually no long term affects from the birth control pill when it comes to fertility. Once a woman goes off the pill, the hormones from that pill are flushed from the body very quickly, usually within a week. This is why a woman can actually get pregnant from missing a single birth control pill. . Some women end up getting pregnant just a few weeks after stopping the pill. However, some women take months to do so. The average amount of time it takes to get pregnant after stopping birth control is between 6-9 months, but it can be longer or shorter depending on each woman. If you have been off of birth control pills for a while and feel concerned about how long it is taking you to get pregnant, make an appointment and see your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

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Ukulele as Christmas Gift for Me

Mommy said she will indulge me, as early as now, in many musical stuff like drums, guitars, piano and many more. So I asked one of my godmothers to have me a ukulele as Christmas gift this Christmas 2014. Isn’t this a good idea?

I know I am still a little kid and musical instrumments are for pros only but of course, what I wanted for now is a toy ukulele or any toy musical instrument yet and I will be fine.

I promise that sooner or later, when I grow up, I surely will study how to play those musical instruments then.

By the way, this is Zach posting with mom’s permission. :) Have a good day everyone!

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