Black Saturday 2015 FREE Dinner Buffet

For this Lenten season, I wasn’t able to do myself fasting since I am still breastfeeding. What I mean fasting, is the literal fasting of food and drinks since it is not advisable to pregnant and nursing mothers. But of course, I still do other forms of fasting and I will just keep it myself then.

Well anyway, some of the previous students of my mom, when she was still actively teaching and handling classroom classes, invited us to have a dinner last night at the Midas Hotel and Casino in Pasay City, Metro Manila. I had the opportunity to bring my little man with me which was a very good experience for both of us as well.

Black Saturday 2015 FREE Dinner Buffet at Midas Hotel and Casino

After the dinner buffet we had, at around 9:00 o’clock in the evening a group of guys were fixing their musical instruments in the hotel lobby including guitars, drums and even those small cables which I was able to identify two van den hul cables. We were able to witness a band which played mellow rock music and good enough my little man also enjoyed the music as he was dancing and swaying his head along with every beat of the song.

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Hypertensive Pregnant Mother

It is so sad to know that I get to meet expectant mothers who are also suffering from hypertension. Most often than not, they are not hypertensive or should I say, they don’t have episodes of elevated blood pressure prior to pregnancy. In fact, they didn’t notice at first that their blood pressure was elevated not until they experienced sudden onset of headache and some just an incidental findings during prenatal check up.

Mommy Gagay Hypertensive Pregnant

Hypertension in pregnancy is a serious medical condition where in fact it is one of the most common cause of maternal death. So thorough and frequent prenatal check up is a crucial thing to always keep on track to every pregnant woman this is so because eventhough hypertension in pregnancy is something we all are afraid of, this is also one condition that is preventable and manageable during the course of pregnancy.

So mo

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Geared Up for a Jeepney Ride: Fashionable Mask and Cap for Kids

We were invited to attend a birthday party of a family friend in the nearby province of Cavite. Since we had hard time looking for a taxi ride, we just decided to make use of the most available and the cheapest ride — jeepney ride. And because it’s undeniably dusty and velches are not good for my little man’s health condition now — he has asthma attacks lately, my hubby and I decided to have Zach a mask and cap then.

Mommy Gagay Dinampo Kids Mask and Cap

Above are just two of the images I got during our jeepney ride. Good enough our little Zach was comfortable with his mask on and during our ride he wasn’t taking it off.

Did our little man looked like a Ninja then? Well, many said so. LOL!

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