Ukulele as Christmas Gift for Me

Mommy said she will indulge me, as early as now, in many musical stuff like drums, guitars, piano and many more. So I asked one of my godmothers to have me a ukulele as Christmas gift this Christmas 2014. Isn’t this a good idea?

I know I am still a little kid and musical instrumments are for pros only but of course, what I wanted for now is a toy ukulele or any toy musical instrument yet and I will be fine.

I promise that sooner or later, when I grow up, I surely will study how to play those musical instruments then.

By the way, this is Zach posting with mom’s permission. :) Have a good day everyone!

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Happy 8th Birthday Didong!

Today is Didong’s 8th birthday. Happy happy birthday Didong!!! You know how Zach and I misses and loves you so much!

Happy 8th Birthday Kristian Aloysius

Eventhough we are not there in your place to celebrate with you, you know how we love you.

Happy happy happy birthday Manong Didong!

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Christmas Gift Ideas

I am not sure what to give to my family and friends as a Christmas gifts this year. I thought my friends already have those stuff that I could think of to give to them. But what about having them new scents on this holiday season? I have known a good one, formerly l’aromarine, but I am not sure if my friends would love this. I haven’t tried this myself yet, so I can’t say something yet. Or maybe I should try this first?

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