Alphabet Song

I’d been wanting my little man, Zach, to like homeschooling. I always do the most of my best for him to like and appreciate homeschooling but he just reacts as if we are playing. He keeps on reminding me that I am not a teacher but rather a doctor, as well as his dad. He wanted a formal school set-up wearing school uniform and packing up backpack with books, paper, and pencils with a teacher teaching him.

With all these he wanted, I just make sure he still learn a lot by making our house a playschool instead. We play his toys, make games in an educational way. For instance, we sing the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and more with his toys. Though we do not have the real instruments to produce great music for their alphabet and other songs in learning like that of the musican friends, I only utilize what sound system we have here.

Alphabet Song

In fact, sometimes, we also make use of the toys to produce different sounds, which is another means of teaching them sounds and stuff.

Though Zach learns fast, I still hope his willingness to learn more will continue up until he grows and achieves whatever he wanted in his life.

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Hair-Free Underarm Treatment for Moms

This is a sponsored post and all mentioned below are my opinion and experiences.

For a busy mom, like me, who almost have no time for self–pampering session in the parlor, a quick holiday invite in a beach, is sometimes a thousand times to think of to decide whether to join or not. It is not because of work–related reasons, but rather on the hairy armpits.

Moms in Seagull White Beach Resort Davao CityRear: Aicy; Right: Wee, my sister and I, in the left side. This is one of our “day-out” as busy home based working mommies.

A holiday spent at the beach serves two goody bags for me. First is it is like a rest day from a toxic duty. The relaxing and stress–relieving ambiance and view added with great food served are a total package for me. Another is that it is a great hideout and deviation of my digital workplace, for my online job, after a hospital duty. Perhaps I don’t exactly have arguing reasons to tell.

However, only my underarms disagree. How can I wear my best beach outfit if I have this unshaved then?

I honestly do not have enough time to go to the parlor to have my hair removal session done, neither will I choose to shave this because I experienced swelling of a number of pores, which is totally painful and uncomfortable.

Just then I thought of utilizing Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons coupons for a hair-free underarm treatment. When I showed the website to my sister, it interests her so much and it ended up us having our underarm hair removal treatment.

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Sporting for 3rd Birthday Party Stuff

I have already decided to start sporting stuff for Zach’s 3rd birthday. So I grab my elder sister, Wee, and brought her in a thrifty shop in Uyanguren, Davao City where a lot of really cheap but quality goodies for kids’ party are available. There are also available baking materials and ingredients to check on. Since my sister is my partner in the preparation and management for this event, I let her look for stuff herself to which is the best fit for the decorations and the whole event, per se.

As we were still on our way to Uyanguren, Zach has fallen asleep. So as soon as we got there, I was carrying him the whole time and I missed checking myself party stuff that we need. Only my sister managed to hunt one item from another. But before I pay those items she got in the basket, I noticed something which I wasn’t familiar at. But my sister said it was a mini humbucker toy that her daughter picked. She just grabbed 2 pieces — 1 for her daughter and another for Zach.

3rd birthday boy ideas

But we ended the day loaded with party stuff for Zach’s big day next week. I hope all will turn out great.

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