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Killing son due to ‘small penis’

Reading the title alone of a news this early morning which says, ‘Indonesian mother kills son over small penis’, made me asked myself a lot of questions like: (1)   Is having a small penis the child’s fault? (2)   Why is … Continue reading

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Estimated Delivery Date of Mommy Wewee

My sister, Wewee, who is expecting a baby girl just recently informed me that the Ob-Gyne calculated her estimated delivery date for Baby Keneta will be this coming March 04, 2013. With that said, I asked myself, isn’t that too … Continue reading

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Summer 2013 Music Classes for Didong and Didang

It’s almost summer months and when talking about these months, aside from beach outing and vacation trips, what I always remember during my younger years are the summer classes we enrolled at. Mom always send me to mathematics class coz … Continue reading

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