Collecting Loose Diamonds

If you, like many other people, love diamonds then you might have already become hip to the idea that buying them loose and stockpiling them is the cheapest way to go. Many people collect diamonds and then eventually sell them or have them set in a beautiful custom-made piece of jewelry. There are many nice designs a custom jewellers can come up with using loose diamonds. In addition, if you have a collection of diamonds, you have an investment so that if you ever get in a bind you can easily get out of it, as there are a lot of avenues in which to get cash for diamonds!

One thing you need to be concerned with if you are collecting loose diamonds is how you store them. If you are not extremely cautious, you can compromise the quality of the diamonds by allowing them to be scratched by other objects, or even because of friction with each other. It is very important to be certain you have a good system for storing your loose diamonds. Damage is not all you have to consider, losing them is another real possibility if they have not been stored correctly.

The first thing you should do is get what are called plastic gem bags, these can be purchased at most arts and crafts stores and online jewelry suppliers. Each diamond should be stored alone in its own gem bag, and then placed somewhere secure, and away from any of your other jewelry. For example, it would not be a good idea to place them in your jewelry box. In fact, nothing that is valuable should be left sitting on a nightstand in a jewelry box, but of course that is another topic altogether. One thing to make sure of is that the place you choose for storing your gem bags full of loose diamonds will be safe from any kind of trauma that could result in the bags being damaged.

Many diamond collectors opt to get safety deposit boxes at their banks to keep their diamonds in, and this is a good choice. If you would rather, you can also purchase a small safe that you can keep your gems, and anything else of value in. The important thing is that you protect your investment. Do not wait until something happens to kick yourself. They say hindsight is 20/20 and if you have ever lost a fine piece of jewelry or something else of significant value then you know this already.


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