Belly buds for Baby Keneta

If I remembered it right, I already shared here that it’s confirmed, my sister’s expecting a baby girl soon. She’s actually on her seven (7) months of gestation right now and expects her baby to be delivered not later than February 2013. And for a die-hard aunt, I am always excited to see and welcome a new baby in the family.

For my sister also being an expectant excited first-time mom, I know she’s being so expounding now to hug her baby. I can feel her.

Anyways, accordingly, babies do hear and talks even they are still in their mom’s womb. And that perhaps the reason why my sister asked me if I could sport her a quality yet cheap belly buds for her baby, baby Keneta.

Belly buds for Baby KenetaBelly buds for Baby Keneta (image from

I have not found any yet, up to the writing of this post, but I am trying to look for one online too since many said it is cheaper to shop baby accessories online than in the malls. Just like the ibanez guitars at Musician’s Friend, they offer low prices for their musical instruments which I happen to compare it when I went to the mall.

Hopefully, before I could go home, I have the belly buds for Baby Keneta at hand already.

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