Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

In just one of our random chats, M and I talked about babies Emoticon and their related stuff needed. And it’s on diapering which we have debated longer. He wanted disposable diapers for the baby to use while I prefer cloth diapers.

Floral Pink Cloth DiaperFloral Pink Cloth Diaper (image from thelilstuffs.com)

Some of the reasons why I really insisted and wanted to insist even more to use cloth diapers are fact that cloth diapers are:

  • Cheap. Even if one will buy a dozen (12) of cloth diapers which most probably cost more or less 4000 PhP, but because it can be use for more or less the diapering years of the baby. Isn’t it? Unlike using disposable diapers, the 4000 PhP-worth disposable diapers can only be consumed in not more than 2 months.
  • Environment-friendly. By using disposable diapers, one can somehow lessen the disposals of non-biodegradable materials which, if decomposes would take hundred of years for every diaper to decompose.
  • Style and Fit. Cloth diapers are now available at different styles which do not just only fit to the fashion of mothers but to the babies built as well.

So now, which one would you prefer more? A cloth diaper or a disposable one?

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