My Experience on 'How to Make a Website'

It’s not too long ago when I started blogging. But I have been writing already since I was young, maybe that was when I was still in my elementary years. I used to be one of the writers in our school paper then. I joined seminars and trainings in writing different types of articles for press release, copy writing and proof reading. I was lucky then to win in one of the writing competitions in the Philippines which inspired me to write and write even more. Smiley

When in college, I chose not to be part of the school peg. I tried joining a local news publication. However, my mom disagreed. Smiley I stopped. I stopped writing for almost two years.

But I guess my hands, my mind and my heart are really into writing that I really looked for a place where I can write and made my writings available to everybody. Thence, I learned how to make a website.

I am the kind of lass who seldom asks questions. If ever I do, surely, that’s the only time that I haven’t found any answers to my query.  I research. I read. Thence I’ll try what I’ve understood. I take any risks. That’s me and probably, that’s the way how I learn to make a website.

So this is it, this is how I learn how to make a Website.

Basically, it’s self-learning.

Internet is just almost everywhere. I browsed in Google ‘how to make a website’ keywords. Ten, I presume,  helpful websites showed up. Believe it or not, I opened all of them and read one by one. That was pretty hard for me then. I have had a lot of trials and errors made.  But the good thing was, there were also some websites who share free video tutorials — steps on how to make a website. That was more helpful, honestly, than merely reading a step-by-step process. Smiley

But I still didn’t regret learning how to make a website of my own, I mean, by just myself — no one has taught me personally. Only those websites and free video tutorials explaining on how to make a website had really helped me a lot until now. Smiley

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  1. genny01 says:

    awesome! thats what i thought because ur writing is nice. born to be a writer i guess..i didn't go over with the tutorial and stuffs because it was a friend of mine who helped me set up my website. was here…i used to be a member of our school paper before, but tagalog not english…lol
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