Nice to Know You Wednesday #12

This is yet my second time to join Nice to Know You Wednesday. The last one was on November, the Nice to Know You Wednesday #6. Isn’t it too long ago already? Smiley

Anyway, here are the questions for this week:


  • Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

Emoticon I’ve already cut my CC down form almost three years now. I always exceed from my monthly credit allowance. Haha. But those time I still had, I always go for techie gadget stores, shoes and dresses.

  • Do you touch-type?

Emoticon Yes, I do! I learned it from my high-school computer and typing class. I love it typing and blogging that way because I could make my articles faster; just like whatever I think, I can easily type them down.

  • Is there anything going on this weekend?

Emoticon Mmmmm… Not really.

  • What time do you get up in the morning?

Emoticon My body morning clock is 5:00 o’clock. It’s very rare for me to wake up later than that. But I also wake up earlier than 5:00 o’clock especially during weekdays.

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Emoticon Both. Emoticon


By the way, Happy International Women’s Day Mommies!

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5 Responses to Nice to Know You Wednesday #12

  1. Gaylee says:

    Good for you you know how to touch-type, hihi! I wonder why didn't we have typing test in our curriculum?! Or maybe I was absent when it was taught? hahaha! Nice to know you sis 🙂
    My recent post Nice To Know You Wednesday #12

  2. jared's mum says:

    i've also said goodbye to credit cards long ago, they are not too good for me 😀

    i love those tiny star widget, they are so pretty, how do i add one on my posts?

    thank you for joining + see you again soon! nice to know you! ^_^
    My recent post nurturing the love of reading in younger children

  3. Fe says:

    No credit cards for me… If I have one of those, I would be easily tempted on using them especially if I see things that my kids would love 😀
    nice to know you !
    My recent post Nice To Know You Wednesday # 12

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