Babies Teeth Eruption Sequence

My son, Zach, will be on his 6th month of life this coming 21st this month. And knowing the fact that one of the things we — mothers, expecting on this month is the teething of our babies. In fact, when Zach was still on his 5th month, he was already showing signs of teething which I worried about but up until now that he’s on his 5 months and 1 week of age, a tooth hasn’t erupted yet.

Anyway, for all the mothers with infant babies, here below is one guide which is very helpful when to anticipate tooth eruption of babies. This could help us also prepare for any possible complications like fever, and the like.

Teeth Eruption Sequence

Should I say,  I still have until 10 months of Zach to wait for his first tooth eruption then. Hopefully, he’ll feel nothing very serious when a tooth or two showed up.

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