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Dentistry dates as far back as 5,000 years and is one of the oldest medical professions. There are lots of interesting facts about dentistry.

Documented evidence from the journal of dentistry identified certain ancient activities as early signs of crude dentistry. Due to lack of quality fillings, the Aztec relied on various materials including iron filings and lint to treat dental problems. While actual dentists existed in ancient Rome and were known for their use of flashy gold crowns to cover dental defects, American blacksmiths acted as dentists for some time before licensed dentists gained recognition.

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The amount of revenue generated by the dentistry industry is a close to that of the pet food industry and half as much as that of the hair care industry. Nevertheless, Americans seem to be mindful of their dental hygiene considering the $755 million and $1.8 billion spent on toothbrushes and toothpaste, respectively each year.

According to research, dentistry is a profession that receives great admiration and respect in the United States. Polls indicate that many people find dentists to be trustworthy, honest, sociable, and more ethical compared to other professionals in the medical field.

Electric Chair
Dentistry is associated with a wide range of inventions. Ironically, the electric chair, which goes against the “do no harm” principle of medicine was discovered by two dentists: Alfred P. Southwick and George Fello.

Benefits of Being a Dentist
Other than a natural ability to work with your hands, becoming a licensed dentist involves enrolling for a graduate program in a dental school, passing state licensing exams, and obtaining work experience or training.

Opportunity to Serve
A dentist’s satisfaction comes from clients’ satisfaction. Dentists bring happiness to many people by providing solutions to dental problems that range from tooth decay to misaligned teeth.

Variety of Choices
If you intend to pursue dentistry, you have a total of nine specialties to choose from. As a qualified dentist, you can opt to teach and research or start your own practice if you don’t get employment in a private or public dental practice.

Lifestyle Benefits
One notable advantage of being a dentist is the potential to work past the retirement age. In addition, dentistry provides flexible work schedules depending on client needs and personal preferences.

A Favorable Future
In the U.S., dentistry has great potential. The demand for dental services keeps increasing each year. Dentists will be around for the long term.

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