Why care about Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ?

Did you know that TMJ or temporomandibular joint is the most complex and frequently used joint in the entire human body? It connects the skull to the jawbone and is located on either side of the head near the ears. It further allows us to make expressions, speak and chew the food that we eat now and then.

But, why care about TMJ?
Sometimes little things that we care less about are often what wake us up in the middle of our sleep. TMJ dysfunction can be very painful, disturbing and sometimes difficult to overcome. Imagine not being able to chew the food that you eat the normal way because it hurts when you do. How feeling the pain while laughing over funny things that were being told to you? It’s no fun, isn’t it?

None of us want to suffer anything painful but truth has it – we are all bound to different types and level of pain. Even medical experts do too. The only thing is they, at least if not at all times, know how to prevent it. You can help it too by expanding your awareness or you can talk to a Westfield TMJ dentist about TMJ disorder and help prevent it from happening to yourself or to any member of your family.

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