Swimming or Guitar Lessons in Summer 2017?

My son, Zach, will be turning 4 this year. So I am thinking of enrolling him for an outdoor educational summer classes for him to at least practice himself interacting and mingling with our kids in his classes.

Summer Classes

However, I and my husband has two different “wants” for our son. I wanted him to enjoy the beach, and sure to have fun with his swimming lessons. This idea is for us to also enjoy the summer vacation while sending our son in the beach and pool. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, my husband wanted Zach to learn music and instruments this summer. According to him, this is yet the best time for our son to learn since he is small and can easily grasp every meticulous lessons of every instruments. In fact, he has been sporting already for the best guitars in town. He even checked online and found Guitar Center, fender mustang guitar and inquiring for kids guitar.

Wheeew! I am having hard time deciding to where should we send our son to. Can you help us decide? Please share and leave your thoughts.

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