Teaching Kids How To Write

I never thought how hard it is to teach kids on how to write not until I personally did try it to my niece and nephew, Didang and Didong.

Teaching Kids How To WriteTeaching Kids How To Write (image from cliseetiquette.com)

 For a 4-year old kids like them, writing words is basically a difficult but exciting activity to do since they both were enthusiastic in learning. I gave them simple 4 to 5-letter word and asked them to write those words based on how they properly pronounced them. Good enough that they both can write those words. But of course, on their level yet, they cannot grasp immediately what I am dictating to them; enough for every teacher to be very patient in teaching kids how to write.

Humbly sharing, I couldn’t remember if my parents nor any relatives of ours have had taught me on how to write letters, words and the like. Every basic things that I’ve learned before are from school. And same as through learning how to write essays, term papers and even blogging and other custom writings.

But of course, with the advent of online writing applications and other helpful accessible materials like that of http://custom-writing.org/essay-writer, any mommies can make use of these materials and give their kids activities to practice writing even at home.

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