"4D World" Experience

I remembered one time when we went to a mall in Davao City, Didong used to ask me if he can try the 4D World, but since that time only my aunt, Didang and him were my company, it was difficult for us to try the “4D World” because it required the four (4) of us to try together. But my aunt refused to since no one can look after our things. So I insisted not to then.

But now, Didong has finally experienced the “4D World”.

"4D World" Experience“4D World” Experience: Didong & Nicholas, my cousin

"4D World" Experience“4D World” Experience: (back row) Mom & Nicholas; (front row) Didong and aunt, Millete

According to my sister who was also accompany them at the mall, Didong really enjoyed the “4D World” but my mom didn’t. Mom felt nauseated and was about to vomit after that. And even said not to try it again. But nonetheless, it was fun though very heart-pumping since they were like at the real jungle chased by big elephants. LOL!

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