Baby Zach’s 3rd Month and 85th Birthday of Great Grandmother

Another late post here. I thought of backdating stuff, but I don’t think it would be appropriate then. Hmm..of course, I don’t want to cheat with my posts so I better post this today.

Anyway, my baby Zach just turned 3 months on December 20 just so timely with the 85th birthday of my grandmother, who happened to be Zach’s great-grandmother then.

3rd Month and 85th Birthday of Great Grandmother

As shown above, I and my sister, Bait, Didong’s mom baked chocolate cupcakes and we also prepared leche flan. And for longevity of life, we also cooked pancit.

The celebration was just so simple. It was a very private one but at least we do enjoyed the day. We don’t have other wishes and prayers for my baby and to my grandmother but a healthier days to come for them and a longer lives to live in.

Happy birthday to both of them!

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