Didong's 6th Birthday "Avengers" Tarpaulin

Have I told you that Didong’s 6th birthday is coming? I guess, I do!

Yes! I really did. In fact, my sister, Bait, Didong’s mom asked me if I could design something for Didong’s “AVENGERS” birthday theme and for the tarpaulin as well. Since I am very busy, I didn’t promised my sister to do it, but I just told her that I will really try to make one. Good enough that my sister, Wee, had a friend who is starting his printing business and that was where she ordered Didong’s tarpaulin.

So, here it is below, Didong’s 6th Birthday “Avengers” tarpaulin.

Didong's 6th Birthday "Avengers" TarpaulinDidong’s 6th Birthday “Avengers” Tarpaulin

What can you say about this tarpaulin of Didong above? Any comments or ideas?

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