Didong's 6th Birthday is coming!

Five days from now, Didong will be celebrating his 6th birthday. And personally, I don’t know what to give to him as a birthday present because most of what he asked for before, are just still the same until now. Mention it, from toys to school stuff, cartoon characters in foods to costumes, they all are already provided and given to him since then. That basically the reason why I am getting puzzled what to give, perhaps.

But sometimes, I could think, that he doesn’t only need material things but my presence on his birthday is much more valuable. If I remember it right, I was able to attend his birthday once and that was only when he was celebrating his first birthday. The proceeding birthday bashes he had, I wasn’t all there. Too bad, isn’t it? Smiley

And for the 5th time, Didong will celebrate his 6th birthday, without me being there, enjoying and keeping the memories with them.

Hopefully, even if I won’t be there on his 6th birthday, with God’s blessings and guidance, Didong will surely enjoy his 6th birthday celebration. Happy birthday Didong! Mommy Gagay loves you so much! Smiley

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