Dressing up my iPad 2

I’ve just mentioned in my personal blog that I will be giving away my iPad 2. However, most of my friends discouraged me to do that. One of the reasons they shared was buying new iPad 2 this time is not practical anymore since iPad 3 is available and more ideal. I told them that I’m gonna buy the latest model. They even reacted more. They said my plans are out of tract, very impractical. Thence, I decided to just keep my iPad 2 with me.

With this, I am planning to dress up my iPad 2. I already have two body cases for this and one with keyboard. So now, I am thinking of a sleeve that could be used for outdoor events. While browsing for stylish new designs of iPad 2 covers and cases, I stumbled upon www.blueskyfun.com that provides iPad outdoor sleeves and cases.

iPad 2 Outdoor Case

Outdoor iPad 2 cases and sleeves are perfect and ideal for me for the summer vacation and getaway that I and my family are planning. Of course, I don’t want to get behind and backdate all my online obligations, so having with me my iPad 2 anytime is a must.

This is yet what I want for my iPad for now. Maybe soon, I’ll consider new stuff to dress up my iPad 2.

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3 Responses to Dressing up my iPad 2

  1. mommy jes says:

    ay ang cute sis! 🙂 i love it!

  2. bonz says:

    i think it is better to keep it. 🙂
    dressing up your iPad is a good way to maintain it. have a good day!

    just blog hopping!
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  3. Sab says:

    Thought it was a photo frame lol! A screen protector is all I need I guess 🙂

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