Happy 6th Birthday Didong!

Just so timely in posting this blog, today is Didong’s 6th birthday.

Happy 6th Birthday Didong!Happy 6th Birthday Didong! (image from partywizard.co.uk)

But then again, I am not at home to celebrate this wonderful day of Didong. Though I can’t attend and be physically with Didong and the family today, I know and am pretty sure, that sooner or later, when Didong grows up, he’ll understand it better why I need to be far away from the family and that even on his birthday, I won’t be able to be with them.

Happy birthday Manong Didong! I am sure you really are very happy and blessed today because you are truly loved by your family and friends. I am just praying for you to grow up real good boy and attain education you deserve to have. I love you so much!

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