Home Decorating for Christmas Season

This is a sponsored post and all mentioned here are my thoughts and opinions.

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s no other way to feel the season but to have our home decorated with lovely Christmas home decorators. I am no good in interior designing but at least my hubby has.

I bought a 6-feet tall green Christmas tree. The needle-like leaves are really looking the same to that of the real live Pine tree, which I love more. Those are shiny and glitter even more when lit. Included in the Christmas decorations that I had been longing to make my Christmas feels at home are gold Christmas balls and ribbon. My OC hubby suggested utilizing fresh flowers and have us delivered every day by from you flowers since it has a Groupon coupons that are best to use this holiday season. That was a great idea but I don’t have much time to arrange and change flower decorations and arrangements every day.

Gold Christmas DecorationsGold Christmas Decorations (image from punchbowl.com)

To make our Christmas decoration conversation shorter, can you guess who won the argument? Of course, it was me! My plans to have our home be colored gold this Christmas season will be pushed through with golden balls and other decorations. But still, my hubby’s fresh flower decorations will still be realized but only on the Christmas day.

Happy holidays everyone!

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