Paw Patrol Birthday Theme

Zach has finally decided to have a Paw Patrol theme on his 3rd birthday party more than a week from now.

3rd birthday boy ideas

My little man has been telling that he wanted to become a policeman. So I bought him Chase, a paw patrol, and since he loves animals, which for now, he enjoys playing with dogs, I just let him choose and decide which theme to have for his birthday. And with no hesitance, he chose Paw Patrol theme.

Since there are a lot of Paw Patrol members, I let him choose among the seven patrols. And he chose, Chase, the dog in his photo above. I even threw him a joke telling him to dress and act like Adrian Young drummer since he also enjoys playing the drums and guitars. But since he has already been sticking to have a Paw Patrol-themed party, so I just let him.

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