Preparing for Zach’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

How time flies real fast. I just can’t imagine, a day or two from now, my little man will be having a girlfriend or maybe getting married. I know I am thinking exaggerating the future but that is the truth that as a mother, I need to slowly accept.

Well, anyway, a month from now, Zach will be 3 years old and I need to prepare for his big day again. I don’t know how the party will be going since my hubby suggested to have the party in his hometown where his family and relatives are there. But, if things won’t allow, of course, I need to prepare as a back-up or another option.

Maybe a simple children’s party here in our little abode will be enough. His godparents will sure not be coming since they all are coming from Luzon, miles away from where we are now. We can just invite some of my college friends, our relatives and neighbors here to be with us on this day — to celebrate and enjoy this 3rd birthday of Zach.

3rd birthday idea for boys

I have no party themes on my mind yet. But one thing’s for sure, it will be an animal-related-themed party. My Zach now loves and enjoys animals. But his most favorite are fishes. Last year, during his 2nd birthday, we had him a fish-themed party. So most probably this time, no fishes anymore but other animals will be.

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