Prepping for Halloween 2013

M’s not home so I have no choice but to do some of the ‘daddy’ jobs in preparation for the Halloween 2013 in our place. I supposed not to work on this at first actually, but when I saw our neighborhood getting busy and enjoying the Halloween spirit in the area, I just thought then of joining the fun. I don’t have kids yet who are older enough to enjoy the said celebration but I personally am sure that I will enjoy this stuff.

Halloween 2013

But just like other moms out there who are not usually familiar with working tools at home, I still need to check on tool companies like reid tool supply company for me to get acquainted more of what specific tool to use in a certain work. As I have always been murmuring in myself, if and only if M is around, I am sure this work will not be much hassle to think of. Well, since I had already started this one, I need to finish this. I will try my best.

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