Sporting for 3rd Birthday Party Stuff

I have already decided to start sporting stuff for Zach’s 3rd birthday. So I grab my elder sister, Wee, and brought her in a thrifty shop in Uyanguren, Davao City where a lot of really cheap but quality goodies for kids’ party are available. There are also available baking materials and ingredients to check on. Since my sister is my partner in the preparation and management for this event, I let her look for stuff herself to which is the best fit for the decorations and the whole event, per se.

As we were still on our way to Uyanguren, Zach has fallen asleep. So as soon as we got there, I was carrying him the whole time and I missed checking myself party stuff that we need. Only my sister managed to hunt one item from another. But before I pay those items she got in the basket, I noticed something which I wasn’t familiar at. But my sister said it was a mini humbucker toy that her daughter picked. She just grabbed 2 pieces — 1 for her daughter and another for Zach.

3rd birthday boy ideas

But we ended the day loaded with party stuff for Zach’s big day next week. I hope all will turn out great.

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