First Time Traveling from Manila to Davao

Since I and M has finally decided to spend our first holidays — Christmas and New Year’s eve celebration as one and new family together in the province with my family, immediately on the first day of vacation, I and baby Zach fly then from Manila to Davao via Cebu Pacific Air.

First Fly from Manila to Davao

At first, I felt really nervous but was just trying to calm down because I was with me my son, Zach. Nervous enough to think what would the possible things to happen to me because of the fact that it was my first time to fly with an infant with me. I did check in all my baggage except for the personal stuff of my baby like the feeding bottles, towels, and more.

At the check-in baggage counter area, baby Zach was getting curious of his environment since it was his first time to see number of people and different colored stuff around. Inside the aircraft, he was just so quiet and behave and we just played together.

After that more than two hours of fly, my jittery feeling was replaced with excitement — excited enough to see my family again after more than seven months of not seeing them and first time ever to go home with my baby Zach with me.

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