Classy and Fashionable Summer Outfit

The presents for the boys and girls for the coming Holy Week are ready and packed. And I can’t wait for the day of my flight going back home. Perhaps, I am more excited than the kids with the gift that I have for them. I am sure they’re going to like it.

And since summer is here already, going to the beach could be refreshing for a hot and humid day. At the same time it could be a nice family getaway far from the smell of the farm. So I should be hunting for appropriate beach attire in the coming days. Although I am not excessively showy person when it comes to the beach outfit, I really need to look for a sarong tie that I can use so it still looks classy and fashionable when I wear it. At the same time, I need something that could securely tie the sarong and wouldn’t worry of it being untied.

This could be a good idea also as a summer outfit for the dolls of Didang. It surely would look super cool on her growing and countless set of dolls and I am sure the head count won’t stop right there.


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