My Birthstone Ring

I don’t usually wear fashion accessories but if I do, that would only mean I will be attending a party or any formal events. One time, I asked M to accompany me shopping for accessories which would somehow fit on my dress. I was planning that time to wear something gold-colored dress so I first looked for dazzling gold accessories then.

When I was busy checking on accessories, I didn’t noticed M was also trying to find something that was he thought would best enough for my outfit. He suddenly asked me why wouldn’t I tried my birthstone ring color, topaz, as the hue of my accessories so I can make use of my birthstone ring then.

Birthstone Ring

But sad to say, I don’t have a birthstone ring and I just replied him saying that frankly. But M insisted that he saw me one time I was wearing the ring and he really made me remember that. Things gotten worse because I really do remember then and I just can’t imagine how I lost it and I can’t locate my birthstone ring now.

How I wish I still can buy one birthstone ring someday. But I want the one looking like the image above. Isn’t that too luxurious yet elegant? It is!

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