Kids' Healthy Eating Habit with Portion Plates

Kids’, most often than not, are so picky when it comes to foods. But unlike Didong and Didang, they just eat what’s being served on the table. The reason, perhaps, why the two kids suddenly bursted out — they’re gaining more weight lately than before. And it’s getting more difficult for their mothers to control their eating.

I haven’t shared this to my sister and sister-in-law, but I guess, for the kids’ to have a healthy eating habit, it is beat to have each of them a portion plate.

Portion PlatePortion Plate (image from

Portion plates help plate users to control the foods they are eating. An ideal instrument in weight management as well. The portion plates, as its name imply, has portions which one can use as basis to what kind of food to eat and how much food to eat. For instance, as shown in the above image, the plate is divided into portions for non-starchy veggies, starchy or grainy foods and another portion for lean meat or beans. Basically, a healthy eating regime would be followed with the use of portion plates.

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