Different Zones of Baby’s Foot

I am pretty sure it’s not just me but many other moms out there who used to massage almost every part of our babies. True, isn’t it? This is because I do believe that massaging is just one of the many sweet ways that babies feel being truly loved. And it’s even much fulfilling for us — mothers, if we knew which part of our babies to do massage best and the benefits massaging could provide for their health.

Here below is an image showing the different zones of a baby’s foot wherein even a very slight massage or pressure on it can even provide comfort and soothing effects to other parts of their body.

Different Zones of Baby's FootDifferent Zones of Baby’s Foot

I am actually following this foot guide and every time I noticed that my son Zach feels bad or even just I see him uncomfortable in his abdominal area, I just massage his sole in the 4th and 5th areas as indicated in the image above. And boom, minutes then, I can see him differently from before I haven’t massaged his foot.

Mommies out there, should you try this guide when you massage your kiddos also.

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