Exercises for Obese Children

Many mothers, parents, now-a-days are having a headache on how they can control the obesity of their children. But how actually a mother can do that?

Exercises for Obese ChildrenExercises for Obese Children (image from topnews.net.nz)

Exercise, or engaging your children to any exercises, help obese children to get back to their shape, and of course, a healthy diet shouldn’t be missed.

Here are some exercises, which I can share, for obese children:

  1. Strength Training. Strength or resistance training program enables the body to gain more muscles, lean muscles for that matter and basically, burns fat. Strength training include pushups, pullups and situps which you can do at home utilizing mom’s cheap yoga mat.
  2. Aerobic Exercises. This is the simplest and most basic exercise that kids can perform even in school or even during playtime. They can do walking, bicycling (which surely they’ll enjoy), jumping rope (especially with friends and classmates during school playtime hours), jogging (maybe with mom and dad and with pets), swimming (during the weekends).
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