Overhearing Something Really Interesting At My Local Fitness Club Today

So I was just packing my things up at my local aerobics class when I overheard one of the instructors talking to a couple of my fellow mums. He was talking about the reasons why burgers and other types of fast food are really bad for you. As I was planning on taking the kids out later that evening for something to eat so I thought I’d join the crowd to find out more about what he was talking about.

He was talking in some detail and using some rather technical phrases and abbreviations and kept talking about how BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids) are the foundations to successful muscle building. I’d never heard of this before and felt a little overwhelmed as I never knew keeping fit could be so technical.

I reluctantly asked the question of what BCAA’s are and how they help with my fitness, worried that I’d look like a bit of an idiot in front of my friends for not knowing,however he explained that amino acids are responsible for providing your body with the right protein which helps with fixing muscle tissue after a workout. Your body naturally produces amino acids however the repair process takes longer. By taking pre and post workout supplements can help give your body an overwhelming amount of this substance which can help repair your body’s muscles a lot faster.

He stressed about the right amino acids and stressed even more that you wouldn’t find these at your local McDonalds. The instructor then dived into his bag and pulled out a handful of sachets which had whey protein concentrate written across the front. The packets looked like something from an army rationing kit.

He told us to mix them up with either 150ml of milk or water instead of raiding our cupboards when we got home. I managed to get a chocolate flavoured one which to be honest tasted quick nice and I didn’t feel any burn on my legs the next day so something must be working J

I’ve noticed since that a few of the moms at my class have started bringing these milk shakes with them to have after the session and they all say the same thing that it stops the burning feeling later in the week.


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  1. Gaylee says:

    2 of my brothers are taking amino acids and since they are gym addicts, they do have nice muscles. though i kept reminding them toned muscles are enough. don't wanna see them looking like wrestlers or bouncers, hihihi!
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  3. Here's one trivia on amino acids that a lot of people don't know is true (which, for me, is hard to believe): amino acids and proteins, when they are not used as building blocks, get converted into glycogen or, worse, fatty acids, and contribute to weight gain. (Check the page in your biochemistry book that summarizes all the cycles and processes – the one you memorized for the boards – and you'll trace the pathway there!)
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