Staying Kids Away from Dengue-causing Mosquitoes

Dengue Fever cases in the country is getting high and high each day these rainy season. This is due to the fact that there will be increasing breeding places for the dengue-causing mosquitoes. And the worst thing is that most but not all cases are very fatal to kids and school children because early signs and symptoms usually do not present dengue fever cases but only until three (3) or more days and that time, the disease is getting worse already and emergency intervention sometimes could not help.

Dengue-causing Mosquito (image source and credits)

There is no other most helpful and successful prevention to the spread of dengue fever but to lessen or much even stop the multiplication of the dengue-causing mosquitoes.

For mommies or mothers, take note that these mosquitoes usually lure for foods during the morning or afternoon, dawn or dusk hours, and not  on dark hours. So during these hours, it is better to let your child/children wear protective gears from mosquitoes like putting on insect repellent lotion, or those insect repellent bangles, patches, bracelets. And as much as possible, advise your kids, especially those schoolkids, to not to go to areas in school where most of mosquitoes house in any time of the day.

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