Wrinkle Reduction

Skin wrinkles, from fine lines to deep creases, are classic signs of aging and skin damage. Excessive sun exposure accelerates premature aging and wrinkles. Other factors such as poor nutrition, skin disorders and the use of tobacco products also contribute to the problem. Fortunately, a variety of treatments exist for wrinkled skin.

Often, the best treatments depend on the cause of skin wrinkles and where they are located on the face. Brow furrows, forehead creases and eye lines called “crow’s feet” are usually caused by facial expressions. The facial muscles that produce them can be weakened to reduce their function. Doctors can inject these muscles with bacteria-produced proteins called neurotoxins that temporarily paralyze the muscles to eliminate skin creasing.

Injectable dermal fillers are used to treat areas of the face that are not suitable for neurotoxins. They are not a replacement for neurotoxins, as they treat folds and creases that are not caused by muscle activity. Hyaluronic acids are popular injectable fillers, but there are others as well. Soft to the touch, dermal fillers are appropriate for the cheeks, lips and other areas where softness is desired.

Skin care systems like JeNu are also effective for wrinkle reduction. This new, anti-aging technology is clinically proven to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. The three-step system decreases wrinkles and hydrates the skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance.


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