Child-Safety Measures at Home

Zach’s 2 months and 16-day old sweetie today. In his youngest mind but sweetest smile, he is advanced enough in some of his developmental milestones as confirmed by his pediatrician which I first noticed but I just denied it at first because, of course, I don’t want to be boastful enough in proudly announcing how bright and clever my son is. But as what he has been showing to me, I think he deserves some tighter hugs and kisses of appreciation for that development.

Anyway, regarding his advanced motor and cognitive gestures, I am thinking now of making some necessary child-safety measures at home or should I say, making the home a child proof one.

Child-Safety Measures at HomeChild-Safety Measures at Home

Zach is starting to reach out which is normally seen at 7 months of age. And I am afraid if he would just suddenly reach out anything and pull them and might cause any accidents at home if to happen that no one’s looking after him. The very first to pop out in my mind was to look for a 1/4″ shelf support so if he’s gonna grab any part of the shelf while he’s on his walker, the shelf won’t give in. Another stuff that I have in my list is a socket lock to keep those little fingers from inviting tiny socket holes.

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