Custom Mattress at Home

After the harsh experience with the typhoon Pablo, I guess the family deserved for a custom mattress to be used at home. The custom mattress I am talking here is the one that is waterproof. That is what I really wanted to have this time.

Water-proof Custom MattressWaterproof Custom Mattress

If you didn’t know it yet, all of our bedroom stuff at home, from the smallest pillow to the family-sized blankets were all bathed with rainwater during the devastation of typhoon Pablo. And it is hard for the family to dry all pillows, mattress comforters, blankets and the mattresses themselves because the weather ain’t so good yet until today. It’s also a fact that when these materials stay wet for a longer time, they all produce stinky smell especially the pillows and the mattresses. Perhaps, a water-proof bedroom accessories are the best for every family in the country especially now that another typhoon is expected to come.


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