Enjoying Your Backyard during the Summer

It is summer and time to get outside again, so time to get the backyard ready. There’s a lot to do – yard work, décor, pest control, maintenance, gardening, and more await you.

Start out by working on the yard. Raking is a great place to start on those early, cool summer days. Don’t forget to jump in all the leftover crunchy leaves before getting into the weed pulling and gardening phase. The yard work can be hard, but is also relaxing and definitely worth it. You’ll need to do so mowing, fertilizing, trimming, and planting, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Once the grass is cut, edging complete, and the trees trimmed it’s time for getting out the décor. Dust of those cushions and set up the deck table and chairs. Don’t forget the umbrella for the shade! If you live somewhere that gets pretty hot you’ll want to set up some misters all over the yard as well. The misters can be turned on and off or put on timers, so there is no need to worry about wasting water.

You’ll need to get the pool set up, which includes cleanings and having the pool guys come out to get the right chemicals in and all balanced out. This preparation can sometimes take weeks, so be sure to prepare ahead for those early summer swim parties. Getting out all the pool toys is essential. Blow up the inner tubes and wipe off the cobwebs. Be sure and get the barbeque cleaned and the gas can filled up so that you can have some good food after you’re all worn out from swimming.

Don’t forget to have your house sprayed before the guests arrive as well. You won’t want all those pesky bugs ruining their fun or the fumes for that matter. Get on top of that sometime in the spring once the ground starts warming up and the bugs start coming out to play. Find your local Vancouver, WA pest control company to make sure you get properly taken care of.

Spend the summer months in between all of your partying maintaining your garden and yard. Keep the pool clean, pull the weeds, and enjoy your vegetables. Bask in the warmth of the sun and enjoy every moment that you put into your yard. The summer months leave all too soon and you’ll be stuck inside with nothing to do, but dust and wish for fresh air.


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