Interior Decoration Ideas at Home

Not too long ago when the whole family moved to our new house. It’s not too far from the old one, just about less than a hundred meters away but we need to because of property issues. Though it was really a hassle for the whole family since we need to start from scratch in building a new house, we still found it a blessing in disguise because everything are secured, concrete, fixed and we are more than 100% sure that the place we are living at is really ours.

My mom chose a progressive type of construction after we moved-in last 2009. That time, the whole building was almost done but some interior designs and wall females are still needed to be done. For instance, the kitchen doesn’t have cripples yet. The window flangs and door cripples are yet to be fixed. You could just imagine all these are still lacking at home. But at least, slowly, progressively as it is called, we are making things work.

Just take a look at our decoration-and-design-free wall below.

At home last Christmas Eve 2011

Image lifted from our family blog,

Since the summer vacation is coming, and mom, dad, and my siblings are free from work, mom thought of working on some home improvements which could make her busy during that time. When I was informed by my sister, I tried fancying for designs and decoration ideas for home. I haven’t shared this one yet to my mom but I found contemporary wall sconces very in-touched with mom’s plans before. She wanted designs that coordinates each other from living room, to bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

What do you think of the above wall scone for a bathroom? I’ve sported modern wall lights also which I assumed mom would love it too. The wall lights are of different types and designs that would just be suitable for the two bathroom at home — at mom’s room and at the kitchen area.


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  1. genny says:

    very nice. i am pretty sure your home would be a home sweet home. 🙂
    oh, btw, you should have wear red something to coordinate with them as well…wink!

  2. genny says:

    now i know….thanks anyways….:-P
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