Looking forward, AUGUST 2012

Every time the end of the month is coming, I am also getting excited for the next month because I don’t actually have other things looking forward at but only vacation.

Vacation (image source and credits)

You may ask why, of course, I am excited to see Didong and Didang attending school during my vacation in my school also. How I wish, during that time — my vacation weeks, the two kids are still having classes so I could personally catch them on their school.

I haven’t seen them going to school — wearing their uniforms and with their back packs on.

Whew!!! Hopefully, soon soon soon I could go home!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I think this is also how I feel every Friday as I am looking forward to weekends. lol It is like a vacation to me at times as well because I usually go to my parents’ home. 🙂

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