Memory Foam Mattress or Latex Mattress for Home, Which One?

I always want the best for my loved ones. I think it is innate in me to be generous and giving them whatever they need, as long as I have the resources to provide for them. In my last visit to our home in the province, I’ve noticed that our mattresses are showing wear and tear already. Knowing how my nephews and niece spend their time on the beds, they jump on it, treat our mattresses as trampolines and just other things children can think of.

Didong in Bed

 Didong in bed

I have been thinking of buying Latex mattress to replace the old ones we have at home. I’ve heard that this kind of mattress — Latex mattress, lasts for 30 years. With that durability, for sure, the children will have all the time in the world to jump, play in the beds and spend their days and nights happily and even sleep soundly on these comfortable beds.

I have also seen a memory foam mattress available in one of the malls here and also been doing a lot of contemplating if I should get one for myself and for the little ones back home. The price may quite be hefty but if these mattresses like the memory foam mattress or the latex mattress, can give us comfort, can give us good night rests and if lying and sleeping in them can make us feel luxurious, then why not buy one right? It is the comfort I am after, the coziness and the benefits that goes along with the price.

I am torn between the Latex mattress and the memory foam mattress, they are both good and they have also received good reviews. I will have to think of this very well and fit it in my budget as well.

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