Proper Cutlery Care and Handling

Perhaps you have invested in one or even more than one of the many fancy chef knife sets you’ve seen advertised on television or endorsed by a celebrity chef or maybe you have even bought one from a longstanding and quite reputable cutlery maker such as Wüsthof® or JA Henckels but still the knives don’t perform as you wish. Maybe they don’t hold and edge or perhaps they have corroded or begun to come apart – these are the sorts of things which can happen when you do not take proper care of your cutlery.

All cutlery should be safely stored on a magnetic knife strip, a Kapoosh® or other brand knife block, in a fitted cutlery drawer or in individual knife protectors. When you toss a bunch of knives into a gadget drawer they gouge one another and the edges can get nicked and damaged plus it is an accident waiting to happen each time you reach in to grab a knife.

Knives should never be placed in the dishwasher even if they are marked as dishwasher-safe because the hot water and heat of the drying cycle can compromise the integrity of the knife. Knives often corrode or rust because they are not properly cleaned and a rusty knife will not hold an edge

Professional chefs typically clean their knives by wiping them with a damp cloth and then thoroughly toweling each knife dry before storing. A knife should never be submerged in water for any length of time as this too can compromise the construction of the knife. Many chefs store their knives in a knife roll which both protects the blade and helps to reduce exposure to moisture; a knife roll can be placed in a drawer or cupboard.

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