Repainting the Room

Accordingly, summer days are the best time to do minor renovation and revamping of the house. And that’s basically the reason why I opt to repaint the room from a livelier hue this time.

While preparing the room to get repainted, I noticed a ten-inch long steel tube below my bed. I have no idea what was that tube for but one thing I need to do that time was to bend the tube using a Tube Bending device. But I found nothing, so I just left the steel tube as is and just asked the caretaker to do it instead.

Repainting the RoomRepainting the Room (image from

Anyways, the tint of the room now is a hue of pink and red. I can’t really explain how it really looks but somehow like that. Its older tint was just plain beige. Hopefully, as soon as mom arrived here in my place this week, she’ll find the tint great.


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