Wall Light-up Your Life

You can spend a fortune decorating a room to a high standard using the best quality paint, furniture and accessories but if your lighting is not good then you are wasting your time. Rooms need to be lit so firstly that the room can serve its purpose – there is no point having dim lighting in a kitchen so you can’t see when chopping up your vegetables, and secondly to show the room off to its best and this include getting a light that fits with look and feel of the room.

Wall lights are a great addition to a room and they especially work well in bedrooms as you can place them next to beds to make night reading easier. They are not limited to the bedroom though and are a great wall feature in all other rooms of the house. Strategically placed around walls they are a great way to light up large rooms or light a room with low ceilings where there is little space for swinging shades.

Italian manufacturer Artemide produces lights created by designers and architects. “Lighting from Milan” sounds exotic and high market and the Artemide range doesn’t disappoint.

Artemide Surf light is the first beautiful example of elegant wall lighting. Stylish and practical this light would work in every room in the house and its neutral colour lends itself to most decors.

The Talo Halo and the Cannes are two more stylish wall lights that are neutral in colour but superb in design and quality.

For something more quirky look no further than the Teti light. Different in design but hugely fashionable and would give a plain room a definite edge.

If you are looking for a more traditional looking wall lamps then look no further than the range by British designer Robert Dudley Best. Winston Churchill is Bestlite’s most famous owner, he had one standing on his desk and what is good enough for a Prime Minister is certainly good enough for me.

Wall Light-up Wall Light-up Wall Light-up

These lights from the Bestlite range are stylish and practical and would work well as a desk lamp as well as in a bedroom or study.

The Original BTC range also offers some great wall lights. These lights are hand assembled in Oxford and made from the finest aluminum, chrome and bone china. The high quality assembly and finish shows in final product. All of the models in this article can be purchased at www.geoffreyharris.co.uk.


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