Baby Esang at 7 Weeks Old

I haven’t personally seen my cute little-most niece, Baby Aleezah Gabrielle or Baby Esang, yet but seeing her puffy cheeks on the images posted and shared by my sister on Facebook, it seemed like I wanna pinch those lovely cheeks now.

Baby Eesang at 7 Months OldBaby Esang at 7 Weeks Old

Pardon me cute baby if I only blogged about you today since you were born. I have been experiencing real bad internet connection the past two months and most of the images in Facebook are not loading properly. But good enough, today, I’d able to catch a faster connection and got to check what I’ve missed then.

I wish I could fly back home soon so I could carry and pinch all the puffy parts of this cute baby, Baby Esang! Love you dearie!

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