Benefits of Playing Online Games

Children love to watch cartoons, there is no denying to that fact. I myself have grown up to watching cartoons and one of my favorites is Scooby Doo. This long-running cartoon show has entertained millions of children (and adults as well) around the world. Because of its popularity, many websites have created ways for children to play online games featuring Scooby Doo and other cartoon characters. These online games help children develop hand and eye coordination. It also enhances their critical thinking and problem solving skills since these games have challenges that children will have to face and must win and rewards can increase positive behavior. Online games come in different types and children can choose from adventure games, action, sports and many more.

Cartoons and online games can somehow or in a way become “nannies” to our children, they keep them busy and occupied while you are doing some chores. But playing online games and watching cartoons must always be supervised by parents. The right games must be introduced to children and they should always be guided accordingly. TV and the Internet are very influential media so it must not be abused. Parents should also put limits when it comes to playing online games and watching cartoons.

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