Burnt Left Hand and Left Arm

I can’t fully remember when was the exact date when I called mom at home and she just suddenly shared to me that Baby Abong was accidentally burned his left hand and left arm with the cooking utensil her mom was using.

Burnt Left Hand and Left Arm

Mom said she wasn’t at home when the incident happened and she was just informed a day after that. She even added that she couldn’t imagine how the agony of pain for a 2-year old boy was when she saw the hand and arm of Baby Abong.

By the way, the image above is not mine. That was just tagged to me by my elder brother, Baby Abong’s dad, in Facebook.com. That image was taken on June 8, 2012, Baby Abong‘s birthday.

Take a look at the baby’s left arm. The scars brought by the incident is very evident.

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