Chocolate Fountain in Davao City

Finally, after a week of sporting for a quality, affordable and sort of “worth a penny”, I have found where I can grab one chocolate fountain for Zach’s birthday bash a week from now.

I was first hesitant, actually, whether to rent a chocolate fountain or immediately buy one. Different thoughts are dancing in my mind and even causing me real confusion. If I will just rent, chances are, for the next events in the family, we will rent again. But if I will buy one, I could just grab my chocolate fountain anytime I want. Aside from that, I could also generate a small income from this as partly I offer this for rent within the subdivision or nearby areas.

Yes, I have decided to buy a chocolate fountain myself for next week’s event and soon after, I will open this chocolate fountain of mine for rent here in Mintal, Davao City or anywhere but to pick-up and drop back anywhere we can meet in the nearby area.

I have no image taken myself of my chocolate fountain for rent in Mintal, Davao City for now. But it looks like the image below.

Chocolate Fountain For Rent Mintal Davao City

Furthermore, rest assured, after my son’s birthday bash, I will make this available for everybody and will sure to publish posts regarding my chocolate fountain for rent here in Mintal, Davao City.


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