Every Mother’s Dream

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever experienced in my whole life. Through the ups and downs of life, it is indeed very rewarding to see my child grow. My life revolves around him. He is my stress reliever — my little man.

Watching him is like looking after a tiny, little seed. What once was a cold and somber seed is now flourishing into a wonderful being. With enough sunlight, water, and above all, care, it grows  each day until it paves its way through the sunlight. Through the years, as soon as the seed has fully grown, it bears another seed and so on. The cycle never ends. With this, and I want my child to raise his own children just as I raised him.

Every Mothers' Dreams

Over the course of time, being at my son’s side is by far one of the best I feelings I have ever had. And I will never get tired of it. Each little milestone he has achieved, from his first laugh to his first day at school, is as well a milestone for me. Recently I have well found out that my child loves to sing and has developed a massive love for a particular musical instrument. He delights playing with his bass guitar toy. Being the ever supportive mother that I am, I am planning to buy him a real acoustic bass at wwbw.com when he grows up. I guess that is just every mother’s dream are all about, right? Doing whatever you can to make your little one healthy and happy.


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