Installing Anti-Virus on Kids' Computers

It’s not so surprising seeing kids getting more techie than the older family members. That is what I noticed these days, not just on the kids in the family, namely Didong, Didang and Abong, but also to other families. In fact, to some families, their kids own separate computers. It’s for the older family members also not being disturbed by the kids when the former are doing important matters on the computer or when the latter wants to play with it then and so to keep documents away from the kids as well.

But I am just wonder if the same security measures for the computers of any family members are being installed in kids’ computers?

This just popped out in my mind when one time Didong used the computer of her mom, my sister, and maybe he clicked anything on the screen and some images that shouldn’t be shown to kids just immediately opened. Good enough my sister went to the kitchen and she passed by to Didong and upon checking on him, that was what she saw. Then and then, my sister asked me if I installed an anti-virus or any malware blocker on her computer so if Didong clicks anything on it, nothing would pop out. I told her that she could check any anti-virus online like the best ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

Since then, when my sister installed an anti-virus on her computer, a genuine one, she has had no problems with it every time Didong uses her computer.


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