Killing son due to ‘small penis’

Reading the title alone of a news this early morning which says, ‘Indonesian mother kills son over small penis’, Smiley made me asked myself a lot of questions like:

(1)   Is having a small penis the child’s fault?

(2)   Why is the mother gotten very affected with her child’s small penis?

(3)   What will the mother get if her child has small penis and what not?

There were actually more curious ideas playing in my mind even more when I finished reading the whole story. And I could say, the mother was obviously isn’t in her rightful motherly mind at that time.

Better yet the mother sought consult to medical professionals and asked advices to any possible ways to do for her son than drowning to death her child in their bathtub. Or if she couldn’t decide then, just a silly advice though, better yet the mother just picked up some utility knives and cut it out then. LOL!

What about you? Will you really kill your son if he happened to have small penis? Smiley Smiley Smiley


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