Linggo ng Wika Culmination 2012

I just saw this image again in the Facebook page of my sister as she shared to me the Linggo ng Wika Culmination 2012 outfits of Didong and Didang.

Linggo ng Wika Culmination 2012Linggo ng Wika Culmination 2012

Are the two kids looking gorgeous in their costumes? Smiley

Anyway, this image reminds me of my pre-schooler days. I used to perform together with a group of students using different musical instruments during Linggo ng Wika Culmination. Linggo ng Wika Culmination is a culmination program for the Month or Week of the National Language in the country.

Moreover, I can’t remember what musical instruments I was able to hand before. But no ilok instruments yet before.

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