Little Helping Hands

Kids, most often than not, always love to help their older family member at home and sometimes imitate what the older people do. This is true to my nephews and niece, Didong, Abong and Didang. In fact, after the Typhoon Pablo hit the country when a lot of our fellowmen where badly affected, my aunt initiated a relief giving to people in Compostela Valley province (ComVal) who happen to be victims of the Typhoon Pablo devastation. It so happen also that Didong was in Davao City, with them, and so he helped my aunt’s family repacking relief goods by checking and counting how many relief goods they have already packed before they were put inside the box and being distributed then.

 Kids Help Relief Repacking for Typhoon Pablo victimsDidong’s Little Helping Hands

Yay! You got Didong above. As shown, he’s so busy counting the repacked rice holding and using his pencil. Cute little helping hands, right? Aren’t they? Smiley

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